Full Session $350
1 Hour
1 Location
Approximately 40 Digital Images/Gallery
Print Release

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How long will it take you to send my photo gallery?

I am able to finish most galleries in approximately 1 week. Larger galleries such as weddings, take longer.

How do I hire you?

If you're ready to work together, click on the "Contact" Heading at the top of the page. You can also email, call or send a message.
FB Messenger:
I'll work with you to find a day that fits your schedule. Once we settle on a date, you'll pay a 50% deposit to secure your date. The rest of your payment will be due by the shoot date. On the rare occasion I need to postpone your shoot due to inclement weather, your deposit fee will be applied to the new date.

Where and what time are portrait sessions held?

I have many beautiful spots to recommend and I would love to hear your ideas as well. We will determine location when securing your date and time.
Golden Hour is the best time for photos. Golden Hour is the time of day right before sunset where the light is gorgeous and makes everyone and everything look good. For those of you with little ones, I recommend a snack/dinner before the session so they're are in the best mood possible.
If not Golden Hour, the morning is second best.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. You will have digital copies of your photos with a print release. This means you can print them from a place of your choice. For your convenience, you can order them directly from the photo gallery I send you.